Television Artist / Editor / Producer

Trane Brooks DePriest

1569 Franklin Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43205

(614) 259-8066

Attention Hiring Manager,

As an TELEVISION ARTIST, EDITOR, AND PRODUCER, I would create many shows, spots, and promos on a daily basis. I’ve shot both on-set and on-location, then edited in Avid Xpress, Quantel Paintbox, Adobe Premier, and Final Cut Pro HD environments. I’ve used Blender3D, Motion, and After-Effects for custom motion graphics..

I believe my creative talents, unique skills, and over 20 years of experience would be a valuable asset to your organization. Please contact me if you have any questions.



I am seeking a position with increasing responsibility in MEDIA PRODUCTION with a progressive company, where specialized education, experience, and qualifications can be fully utilized in achieving the company’s goals and increasing total productivity. Also realizing personal growth that will lead to a long term professional relationship.


PHP & MySQL Certification
9/2011 – 7/2012 Udemy Online Training

Dreamweaver & CSS / PHP Programming
3/2009 – 9/2010 Online Training

Specialists Certification in Design and Production Art
6/1989 – 6/1991 Phoenix Institute of Technology


Production Manager
ENVISION MEDIA GROUP, Worthington, Ohio 11/2010- 4/2011
I created a new graphics package for the show “The Deal Detectives,” using Adobe After Effects and Premier. I was promoted to Director of Web Services, and using WordPress as the Content Management System, I maintenances the company’s site and the show’s social networking on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Multimedia Producer
PEOPLE TO MY LLC, Gahanna, Ohio 4/2009 – 11/2009
I wrote, produced, shot, and edited video, served as audio engineer, and graphics designer for People To My Site’s creative agency partner Jim Hern Productions. I also developed Flash and video enabled websites.
(See awards & letters of recognition)

Marketing Director
BATTLE OF THE BONES LLC, Central Point, Oregon 7/2008 – 10/2008
I created the brand, marketing compaign, and sales strategy for this annual event featuring a barbecue competition, video game tournament, micro brew fest, and live music on two stages. Coordinated sponsorship sales, ad buys, and press coverage. I provided administrative support, exhibitor management, and vendor relations.

Advertising Coordinator
BIG R STORES, White City, Oregon 2/2008 – 6/2008
I was responsible for creative direction on printed monthly ad inserts, television and radio campaigns, as well as public relations and event management. Evaluating local media campaigns and placing ad buys with reps for Web, TV, radio, and newspaper marketing.

Director of New Business Development
FREEDOM COMMUNICATIONS INC., Irvine, California 4/2006 – 1/2008
Freedom Communications Inc. was the parent company of KTVL News10 in Medford, Oregon, I worked with
local businesses to create advertising and marketing campaigns that would leverage “new media” (social networks, interactive content, pay-per-click) with “traditional media” (Local Network Television). Examples ranged from producing a weekly plastic surgery “info-tainment” series titled “A New You,” to deploying a commercial spot based tourism vignette series titled “All In A Days Drive.” I also developed plans for maximizing revenue potential through e-commerce and loyalty systems.
(See awards & letters of recognition)

Promotions Producer
KTVL CBS 10, Medford, Oregon 10/2003 – 3/2006
I created promo scripts for multiple daily news stories. I coordinated on-set and on-location video production for in-house and client based projects. I produced multiple graphics packages for various station-based franchises and developed and managed their brand development.

TV Graphic Artist
KOVR NEWS 13, West Sacramento, California 4/1994 – 6/1996
I worked for Sinclair Broadcasting’s Network affiliate when it was the Sacramento DMA’s ABC station, I would produce on-air graphic elements for the creative department. We served the graphic needs of the News, Sports, Weather, Lifestyle programming, and it’s internal marketing and sales departments. I continued to use the proprietary Quantel Paintbox system and early PC graphics tools like Strata3D and Photoshop.
(See awards & letters of recognition)

Graphic Designer
KXTV NEWS 10, Sacramento, California 11/1993 – 3/1994
Began as a contracted designer for a series of magazines published for a Non-Traditional Revenue program called “KidVentures.” And was made responsible for the creation of over the shoulder graphics, maps and full screens for the news departments 4 daily news broadcasts and 48 daily promos.
(See awards & letters of recognition)



“Trane DePriest has impressed us with his creative technical skills and a real problem-solving attitude. He brought a critical-eye to our Web site redesign project, integrating custom CSS and graphics with WordPress templates. An eager PHP learner, Trane dove into customizing our back-end WHMCS to meet our needs. He has also contributed promotional skills to much of our marketing material. It was our pleasure to work with him through multiple iterations of the site, and would recommend him to you if you’re looking for a talented designer.”
Anthony Nocera
Cera.Net LLC


Trane is a very knowledgeable person who is not afraid to learn new things. His work ethic is strong and his determination is a great asset for any company to have. When you want a project done correctly and on budget or under budget Trane is the person you want on that project.”
Mike Ashcraft
Programming Team Leader

People To My Site


Trane has amazed us with his intuitive knowledge of the market and how he uses technology and creativity to achieve results. Trane understands BUSINESS from the perspective of an owner and is truly focused on returns on investment. He stand out as a “go-to” guy for anything in a competitive marketing environment!”
Jim Hern
Jim Hern Productions


“Trane is an innovative strategist, examining profit able trends and practices that help businesses use new technologies to expand their client base and increase sales. Even just a five-minute conversation with Trane could leave you with ideas and goals you never thought possible, sending you in a better direction for your business.”
Aaron Tweeton
Promotions Manager
KTVL News 10