KTVL CBS 10, Medford, Oregon

  1. KTVL News10

Promotions Producer
1440 Rossanley Drive Medford, OR 97501
(541) 479-5837

10/2003 – 3/2006
I was responsible for the creation of promo scripts for multiple daily news stories. I coordinated on-set and on-location video production for in-house and client based projects. I produced multiple graphics packages for various station-based franchises and developed and managed their brand development.

“Trane is an innovative strategist, examining profitable trends and practices that help businesses use new technologies to expand their client base and increase sales. Even just a five-minute conversation with Trane could leave you with ideas and goals you never thought possible, sending you in a better direction for your business.”
Aaron Tweeton
Promotions Manager
KTVL News 10
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