HELLO Angie,

Hello My Name Is Trane DePriestMy name is Trane DePriest,  I am a Multimedia Developer available for hire. I specialize in developing unique and compelling branding, media, and creative material for print, broadcast, or the web.

I understand the position’s responsibilities are to assist with the production and maintenance of online courses utilizing a content management system and other tools.  You’ll find I am qualified for this due to my 20+ years as a multimedia professional.

I have on-the-job experience loading sample data for testing and prototyping. I have supported vendors and internal clients in a professional manner though phone, email and in person.

Regarding the posted qualifications:

The Ability To Learn New Tools

In my career as a designer/developer, I have had to teach myself dozens of new tools to stay competitive. Though some tools like Photoshop and Illustrator have remained "tried-and-true," others fall by the wayside (BBedit & Pagemaker).  Additionally, entire methods change to keep up with progress, and so I am constantly learning new hardware and software to stay relevant.

The Ability to Trouble-shoot

Whether it's pulling apart the family television at age 10, or re-plumbing my rehab'ed Victorian home at 40, I pride myself at being a trouble-shooter with highly organized methodologies.  Multimedia production requires a patient and tenacious search for customization and integration of technologies.

The Ability To Read Complex Information And Interpret It

I have demonstrated a unique acumen for deciphering highly complex code libraries, marketing strategies, and even Ikea furniture instructions!  I am well-versed in Cartesian organizational systems and systems-theory strategies and comprehension. I use flow-charts and Gantt charts for almost everything.

Knowledge of Different File Types (flv, mp3, swf, pdf, png etc.)

As a multimedia professional for over 23 years, I have comprehensive knowledge Flash's filetypes (.FLV & .SWF), common audio files (.MP3, .WAV, & MPEG), Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (.PDF), and the commonly used image format for Video and Web due to it's transparency layer (.PNG).

Strong Attention To Detail

It is crucial as a programmer to be precise and deeply detail oriented. One misplaced colon or misspelling within hundreds of lines of code can cascade into systemic failure. A 20+ year career in publishing has taught me the value of spell-check, debugging tools, and proof-readers.  

Ability To Communicate Technical Information To Non-Technical Personnel

I have often served as liaison between an IT development staff and a Sales team or even the end B-to-B consumer. In my capacity as Director of New Business Development for Freedom Communications; I trained a 5 person sales team on the features, benefits, and limitations of "spots & dots" (web presence enhanced TV marketing campaigns). I spear-headed the introduction of many of these programs to business owners and marketing agencies, creating compelling analogies and metaphors to communicate fairly complex information at the average laymen level. Examples include:

Ability To Adapt Quickly And Refocus Attention Based On Changing Priorities

My entire career is an example of my foresight and flexibility in the face of an ever-changing industry. I constantly acquire new skills to ensure relevance in an evolving media landscape. I've witnessed the transitions from photo-mechanical, plate-based offset printing, to laser-based image setting typography and digital presses. I've participated in the World-wide transition from Standard-definition to Hi-Definition and Ultra HD.  And I'm gaining the skills necessary to design interfaces for data-driven augmented reality.

Solid Knowledge Of HTML

Having begun as a web developer in 1996, my approach to web pages has alwasy been from an IDE code editor first. Even with the rapid development tools like Dreamweaver, Reflow, and Muse, I always debug within a code environment.  And staying informed of best practices via W3C is mandatory.

Proficient in Word, Excel, FTP, ZIP, Acrobat, Dreamweaver

I have years of training and hands-on experience with the following software; MS Word (23 yrs), MS Excel (20 yrs), FTP (13 yrs), ZIP (13 yrs), and Dreamweaver (13 yrs)

The Ability To Work Independently And Track Tasks

I've served in a project manager capacity in every creative position I've held. Logging hours, tasks, milestones, and hurdles is a necessary part of the job. And as a freelancer, my paycheck relies on an accurate job log.

I have set up and managed user accounts, logged issues in bug tracking systems, and documented new system features for users.

I possess great communication skills, a broad knowledge of technology, an ability to learn, and solve problems through analytically-based methodologies to seek the most efficient solution available.

I am self-motivated, and driven to exceed my employer’s expectations.  This opportunity excites me, let’s meet to discuss how I can contribute to your client’s growth and success.

Thank you,

Trane DePriest
(614) 259-8066

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