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I have recently gotten really excited about some things I found online… and I thought I’d share my enthusiasm with everyone. I like to chronical certain milestone tech events and paradigm shifts because their effect can have long-lasting and profound implications for all of us.

It’s also a great way to formally announce the launch of my new website;!  I’ve been working on a few personal and professional projects that I’d love to brag about.  I’ve highlighted them along the sidebar –>

NOW THE COOL STUFF:  I thought I’d revise my “TOP 10 List Of: Cool-Technologies-That-I-Am-Freaking-Out-About!”  I’ve recently added a few new ones, and rearranged them to carry the crazy ideas a step further. Everyone that knows me, can expect me to see how two completely seperate events can some how have an interesting relevancy.  I’m sure there’s medication available for that…

  1. THE FUTURE IS 3D  Scott Summit gives a talk about the current state of industrial design with the advent of 3D scanning, Augmented Reality, and Rapid Prototyping.  He explores this burgoning field of creativity, and walks us through a slideshow that will leave your jaw on the floor. is the most inspiring thing I’ve seen in years!  As a designer, the notion that we can create something on our computers, then upload it to a fabricator and get in the mail… has me giddy as a school girl with anticipation.Then, below that video… right in the comments area, there was a reference to The Venus Project. Which got me thinking about the utopian social engineering designs of Jaques Fresco:
  2. AUTOMATED CONTRUCTION SYSTEMS led me me to thinking about a link that my friend Cabot O’callaghan shared with me a while ago…
  3. THE EARTHSHIP CONCEPT,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=c5bc7f2b2c3c6c4c&biw=1280&bih=798Though I’ve drunken the “Kool Aid” on this… and I love Mike Reynold’s holistic concepts, I also see the trouble he gets trying to appeal to the mass market (rent Garbage Warrior). I’d rather envision the construction execution scaled up to be more industrial though robotic automation. The process for making the COMPLEX forms like 90 degree angles, hinged doors, inlayed cabinets, decorative wall engravings, and even electrical/plumbing/communication services can all be solved via:
  5. CONCRETE MAKERBOT, if we’re trying to create robotic systems to carryout massive and rapid Earthship housing construction, than we’ll need systems that can manage even on uneven terrain.  We’ll need…
  6. ROBOTS THAT CAN BALANCE would be crucial for rolling over a debris-field left in the wake of an earthquake or tsunami.And the designer in me would like to see the giant biotecture house-building robot should move like an animal…Let’s emulate nature where we can…
  7. ROBOT ANIMALS sure you click through and see the DOC OCTOMPUS assistive robot arm! (’ll also require a means to move around on the land in a efficient method;
  8. OMNI DIRECTIONAL TRACTION SYSTEMS we need to clear debris, we’ll need comprehensice topography analysis. This already exists;
  9. REAL TIME 3D VIDEO WITH IR CLOUD lastly, we’ll need an..
  10. ON-SITE MATERIALS RECYCLING SYSTEM similar in concept as the Dishbot to dynamically harvest recyclble materials from the debris onsite



These are all existing technologies, methods, and systems, they’re simply seperate right now… And as a designer, I am equipped with a creative license, and I can see the obvious benefits of combining these 10 technologies into a single purpose…

Providing human-friendly, off the grid, sustainable, eco-friendly housing solutions for the world!

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