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This self-promo, features a small collection of my portfolio collected over the past 20+ years. As a proficient user of Adobe’s Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, and After Effects…I’m continuously sharpening my skills with these and other apps.

Then there is a short “behind-the-scenes” of a trio of commercials I directed for Wings Over.  I co-produced these with Jim Hern and Josh Porter’s I’AMEDIA Video Production.  The three controversial spots follow… be warned, they were targeting the college-aged male demographic.

The “Sizzle” video which follows,  was produced for the MMA clothing brand; MMA Authentics and used during their 2009 promotion tour.  I have significant experience shooting this kind of sporting event… as a 2nd degree blackbelt and a judge in the 1996 Junior Olympics; I’ve shot video for dozens of tournaments and competitions.

Next, is a sales video (I apologize for the low resolution), which promoted KTVL’s Ad sales team. I make an appearance pitching the benefits of combined TV and Web advertising with Local Search.  As Director of New Business Development, I was responsible for development and deployment of “Alternative Revenue Streams.”  Including long-form paid advertising programming and web-centric programs (“Spots & Dots”) like All In A Day’s Drive, and HealthMatters.

You will also see newer spots created for various Columbus area businesses; The Cecil & Geiser Law Firm, Anthony Thomas Chocolates, and Central Ohio Chevy Dealers.  There are even a few segments I produced for “The Deal Detectives” TV show.  The playlist features almost 20 various spots I’ve written, produced, and edited. Many more are available.

I am seeking a position with increasing responsibility in MEDIA OR INTERACTIVE DESIGN with a progressive company, where specialized education, experience, and qualifications can be fully utilized in achieving the company’s goals and increasing total productivity. Also realizing personal growth that will lead to a long term professional relationship.

I believe my creative talents, unique skills, and technical experience would be a valuable asset to your organization. Please. contact me if you have any questions.


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